Shotgun Magazines: Box-Fed vs. Tube-Fed

Shotgun Magazines: Box-Fed vs. Tube-Fed: As detachable-magazine-fed shotguns become more prevalent, they are increasingly a viable alternative to tube-fed models.

Top 12 Tactical Shotguns For Law Enforcement Pros


THE TRUTH ABOUT THE REMINGTOM 870 DM: The DM models are not an advancement at all, and actually make the shotgun more difficult to use in the realm where shotguns are really used. I have no interest in the DM models for the 870 and believe they solve no problems at all, but they certainly create more drama for the user.


TACTICAL ROLE OF THE SHOTGUN: TACTICAL ROLE OF THE SHOTGUN?? In 1990 (more or less) Jeff Cooper began teaching shotgun at his place in AZ. To his credit, he researched the available material quite thoroughly to arrive at his conclusions, but I suspect he had an idea of where he wanted to take it before starting. Jeff was a rifleman and saw all small arms from that perspective. In a VHS tape of the era he explains why the shotgun needs a tight pattern and sights and the issue of slugs. While his class discussed the use of the buckshot pattern, it made most guys think of keeping the pattern 'as tight as a fist' out as far as possible and then shooting slugs out as far as possible. In fact, many of the shotgun cadre encouraged all slug all the time. To that end a cottage industry grew around meeting Jeff's ideal of the fighting shotgun. Ghost ring sights were added, barrels were choked, shooting slings made up, and you name it. I would ask the reader, why they would choose a shotgun to...

3 Great Drills for a Home-Defense Shotgun

3 Great Drills for a Home-Defense Shotgun: If you rely on a shotgun for home defense, these three drills can help build proficiency with it.